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Lipsi Routes

  • Agios Kirikos to Lipsi / Lipsi to Agios Kirikos
    1 crossings weekly
    2 hr 45 min
  • Fourni to Lipsi / Lipsi to Fourni
    1 crossings weekly
    2 hr 5 min
  • Kalymnos to Lipsi / Lipsi to Kalymnos
    2 crossings weekly
    1 hr 30 min
  • Karpathos to Lipsi / Lipsi to Karpathos
    1 crossings weekly
    14 hr 10 min
  • Kastelorizo to Lipsi / Lipsi to Kastelorizo
    1 crossings weekly
    12 hr 35 min
  • Kos to Lipsi / Lipsi to Kos
    2 crossings weekly
    2 hr 45 min
  • Leros to Lipsi / Lipsi to Leros
    1 crossings weekly
    40 min
  • Nisyros to Lipsi / Lipsi to Nisyros
    1 crossings weekly
    4 hr 10 min
  • Patmos to Lipsi / Lipsi to Patmos
    1 crossings weekly
    25 min
  • Piraeus to Lipsi / Lipsi to Piraeus
    2 crossings weekly
    7 hr 55 min
  • Rhodes to Lipsi / Lipsi to Rhodes
    2 crossings weekly
    7 hr 25 min
  • Symi to Lipsi / Lipsi to Symi
    2 crossings weekly
    6 hr
  • Tilos to Lipsi / Lipsi to Tilos
    1 crossings weekly
    5 hr 15 min

Ferries from Lipsi sail to other islands in the Dodecanese, with Dodekanisos Seaways. Below, you can find details of all the latest departures and sailing times, alongside a selection of our best prices on ferries to and from Lipsi.

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About Lipsi

Lipsi ferry port lies on one of the smaller islands to the northern end of the Dodecanese group of Greek islands. Lipsi lies between Kalymnos and Samos and is well connected to other islands through ferry routes.

There are many taverns and cafes around the harbour area in Lipsi. Lipsi offers a quiet retreat for those who want to escape the rush or do some island hopping with Lipsi as the base because of its excellent ferry connections to various other Greek Islands.

Lipsi is a very small island where you can walk to anywhere and is recently being modernised by widening the roads, improving the port facilities and improving the general amenities to encourage tourism on the island.

Lipsi still has lots of charm of a small island with beautiful white and blue painted houses, pleasant sandy beaches and picturesque surroundings. Lipsi has many water springs all around the place; Fountani and alias Pikri Nero are the two major springs in Lipsi along with the cave of Ontas and a 960 metre paved path carved around a hill connecting the upper parts of Koimissi region in Lipsi to the lower ones. Lipsi also has a wealth of old churches and monasteries.

Ferries to and from Lipsi

Dodekanisos Seaways provides airline style seating on their fastcraft catamaran vessels. Each ship has food kiosk selling snacks and drinks.

Lipsi Map

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Port Addresses

Dodekanisos Seaways

, 850 01, Lipsi , Greece