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Vlore ferry port, Albania's second largest port after Durres is located where the Aegean Sea meets the Adriatic Sea. Ferries from Vlore sail to Brindisi in Italy, which is one of the main ports in mainland Italy. The route is operated by both Agoudimos Lines and Red Star Ferries, and you can find the best ferry for you using the simple booking form from AFerry

  • Vlore Ferries
  • Vlore Ferries
  • Vlore Ferries

Ferries to and from Vlore

European Seaways operates a fleet consisting of two vessels, the F/B Bridge and the F/B Prins Joachim TBR. Both ships are equipped to high standards and offer comfortable crossings with facilities such as cabins, restaurants and more.

Red Star Ferries fleet consists of well equipped modern ships. On board services include comfortable lounge areas, restaurants and a bar and a coffee and snack bar. Cabins range from standard to luxury and you can also book airline style reclining seats.

About Vlore

Vlore's location on the Bay of Vlore, an inlet facing the Adriatic Sea makes it strategically a very important port city. The town of Vlore is home to a number of olive groves which thrive in the warm Mediterranean climate of Vlore. Vlore is also well known for a material called Valonia (named after the town itself) which is largely used in tanners, derived from the oak forests in the surrounding mountains.

Getting to Vlore

Vlore ferry port is just 4 km to the north of the town and is easily accessible by a taxi. Many facilities are available at the terminal. Vlore ferries are offered by Agoudimos Line and Red Star Ferries which can easily booked through AFerry.

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Port Addresses

Red Star Ferries

Port of Vlore, Vlore, Albania

European Seaways

Port of Vlore, Vlore, Albania